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Commerzbank 2021 Review & Rating

Commerzbank HQWith branches and offices in over 50 countries, Commerzbank is an international commercial bank that was founded in 1870. Some bankers and merchants laid its foundation with a primary purpose of finance foreign trade. It has its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany and the two main business segments catered by Commerzbank are private and small-business customers and corporate clients, offering a diverse portfolio of financial services.

With over 70,000 corporate clients, multinationals and other financial providers along with approximately 11.6 million private clients, Commerzbank has continued to make its marks as one of the top banks in Europe.

Commerzbank executes around 30% of Germany’s foreign trade and it is also known as the market leader in German corporate banking. According to the statistics of 2019, Commerzbank had produced gross revenues of €8.6 billion, having around 48,500 employees.

Products and Services

Commerzbank provides a wide range of products and services to its customers, which includes cash services, trade services, market products and banking products.

Private and Business Clients

Commerzbank has taken well care of the needs and wants of different clients they deal with and to cater most of them they have a variety of account types and credit cards to offer.

Account Types

Commerzbank offers a current account to its private clients which is best for day-to-day banking needs and a vast variety of packages to choose from according to one’s taste. They have accounts with added benefits to specially designed accounts for students, they have a vast variety to choose from. Some of these account types are as follows:

Credit Cards

Credit Cards are also offered to the Private client and some of its types include:

Other Services

Safe Online Banking

Everyone wants to have a bank account that is well protected and fully secured. Commerzbank not only provides the best and safe online banking, but its other services include rates and charges and forms and applications. Commerzbank makes sure that the security of accounts comes first, therefore, they have photoTAN and mobileTAN (transaction authentication numbers). PhotoTAN is an image of small dots that is sent by the bank and generated on the PC screen. It contains all the transaction data which is scannable using a scanner or mobile phone. The software decodes the information, displaying all the transaction data, such as the name or the amount of transfer.

MobileTAN on the other hand uses SMS of your phone to send a TAN for a particular transaction only. Other than TAN, SMS contains vital information such as the amount of transaction and receiver of transaction.

Rates and Charges

The price lists, that are comprehensive and present on the website, give the customers the overview of charges charged by this bank and the terms of products such as the accounts, loans, payments and securities. Similarly, the Preis- und Leistungsverzeichnis provides the customers a better insight into their charges and services and all the terms and conditions of associated costs.

Forms and Applications

Through their website, clients get to download the most important forms and applications which includes, statement of assets, forms related to online banking, forms of taxes and securities. Getting all the information with just one click is what really sets Commerzbank apart from other local banks.

Overall Verdict

If you’re looking for a bank that provides a range of products and services to choose from along with a safe and secured banking experience, then Commerzbank is the bank that can provide you all this and so much more under one roof. Where Commerzbank has so much to offer with no fees for transfers, free bank card and free online banking and banking app, it can also be seen primarily as just a retail bank. But, with their wide range of accounts to choose from, that are not only for big corporations but equally functional for students as well as small business owners and many options of credit cards according to your usability, joining hands with Commerzbank with your money is a wise decision to make.

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