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Interactive Investor HQInteractive Investor is an award-winning complete online investment platform. It first made its appearance in this industry in the year 1995 and from then till now it is known as the UK’s second biggest stockbroker. It is regulated by FCA and it is catering around 300,000 customers. This broker is best suited to those DIY investors who want to manage their own investment. Through Interactive Investor, you make your own account and choose your own investment choices. There are ample tools available on this platform to help with decision-making. Interactive Investor has operating offices in Leeds, London, and Manchester. It is also called a flat-fee investment platform, with £36 billion of assets under administration. This platform is highly safe as it has a long track record and is overseen by a top-tier regulator.

Investment Offers

Interactive Investor provides multiple assets options for investment mainly Shares, funds, investment trusts, ETFs and advanced investment. They offer an opportunity to directly invest in over 40,000 UK, USA and other major international shares. The number of exchange markets offered are 17 while the ETFs offered are 1500. There are multiple tools, filter and ready-made selections that help the investor to choose the right fund among a total of 3,000. Investors also get to invest in around 26 different bonds that are usually issued at £100 each and pay back £100 on their redemption date along with the interest rate earned till that date. Users get to select from a total of 1500 ETFs and through investment trust, users invest in bonds, shares and properties with trust aligned to their goal.

Account Types

The types of account offered by Interactive Investor are trading accounts, ISAs, SIPPs and Junior ISAs. By opening trading account, you get over 40,000 global stocks to choose from across 17 stock exchanges. You also get to reduce FX costs by managing amount in 9 different currencies. It allows you check your portfolio and keep a proper check through mobile app. The ISA account is a tax-free saving account. It lets you decide where and how you scan invest. Users can invest up to £20,000 a year, in one ISA or several chart ISAs. That’s not all, however, Interactive Investor has special accounts for those under the age of 18, and that account is called a Junior ISA. It is a tax-efficient, long-term savings account, users can save up to £9,000 a year, without paying tax on any gains. Lastly, they offer a SIPP account. Self-Invested Personal Pension account puts you in control of your retirement planning. The traditional pension may offer limited options for investment but through SIPP account, users get the freedom to make their own choices. A demo account is also offered which enables you to practice with zero risk involvement.

Trading Platforms

Interactive Investor provides two ways through which investors can join hands with the firm. First one is the mobile application while the other one is web-based trader. The web-based platform provides multiple tools for the investors. One of these features is charting. With this Interactive Investor offers the bare-bones basics. Charts come straight from Morningstar which is known for its enormous array of fundamental research, not its technical analysis. Website also provides access to 11 technical indicators. The mobile app is straight-forward and efficient. The app enables the investor to place trades, access watch lists, view charts on various time frames, and read the latest news.

Charges and Fees

The charges associated with Interactive Investor depends upon the service users opt for. The investor service plan costs £9.99 per month; £7.99 per trade whereas the funds fan costs £13.99 per month; £3.99 per fund trade, £7.99 per share trade. The third service plan is called Super investor, bearing a cost of £19.99 per month; £3.99 per trade. They charge no account inactivity fee as well as the commission on regular investing is also zero. The investors can have up to 25 regular monthly investments, all of which charge $0 in commissions. It is always free for user to join Interactive Investors, and there are no exit fees.

Deposit Options

Interactive Investor grants you the liberty to choose from 9 base currencies such as GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, HKD, SGD, SEK and CHF. One of the depositing options provided by this firm is Credit/Debit card. Through this you can instantly invest up to £99,999. Another option is bank transfer but that takes up to few days to complete transaction while credit card deposit is instant.

Why Interactive Investor?

Interactive Investor brings impartial, expert intelligence so that investors can make better investment choices. Quick start funds allow investor to make easy decision because they are like a ready-made portfolio that gives one-stop access to global markets. They also offer a choice of three passively managed funds from Vanguard and three actively managed funds from BMO Global Asset Management, specially picked out by Interactive Investor's investment selection committee. These funds can be called the most market competitive in terms of pricing. User will have to decide between active and passive investing to select funds best suited to their interest. Another feature unique to Interactive Investor is the 'ii super 60'. No matter what your investment goals are, the ii super 60 always come in handy to pick the ones that match your investment style and interests. Their rated list contains various active and passive funds, investment trusts, and (ETFs), rigorously selected by their impartial experts. Unique in the UK market, Interactive Investor also uses a Netflix-like monthly flat-fee pricing structure. There is one free trade allowed in the investors plan each month while two free trades per month in the Funds Fan and Super Investor plan.


Interactive Investor is one of the best websites for the DIY investor who is willing to put in a bit of effort to control their own investment. With offering user-friendly platform which is easy to negative to amazing monthly bundles for accounts, Interactive investors is the firm which provides all of this under one roof. So, if you’re an investor looking for fundamental research for stocks, funds, investment trusts, and ETFs, alongside exceptional automated technical analysis then there’s no better option than Interactive Investor.

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